Best Practices

Best Practices List

I created a list of best practices which had been developed over the course of my career to be shared with everybody. This list will be updated on a continual basis.

Events Related (Seminars, Demo etc but exclude trade shows/exhibitions)

Preparation stage

  • Develop a workflow or checklist to keep track of your progress.
  • Get the respective stakeholders to provide their inputs or feedback to ensure commitment from their end.
  • Inform the respective stakeholders their responsibilities and the deadline they need to adhere to.
  • Create a feedback form to collect customer contacts and any enquiries that customers may have.

On actual day

  • Arrive early to ensure that the seating arrangements had been set up according to the initial floor plan
  • Inspect the surrounding to ensure audio visual, lightings, aircon are set to the correct settings and that equipment/stationery such as clicker, mic, pen, papers (wireless or handheld) etc are readily available.
  • Run through the agenda with the presenters and ensure that they had given you their final presentation slides.
  • Get the contact of the manager in charge of the venue.

Post stage

  • Do ensure that the customer contacts had been collected and uploaded into your CRM database.
  • Try to contact the customers asap to ensure that the memory of the event is still fresh.

Assets Related

  • Create generic templates whereby you can add contents to it and develop new assets. For example, create new CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) templates so that you can develop html newsletters or invitations for emailing.
  • Collect interesting contents which you came across recently, make some changes to it and use them for your future activities.
  • Get your colleagues, friends, parents etc to comment on the assets that you had developed. This will reduce any errors made and improve it further.


  • Develop a telemarketing script template.
  • Do not cold call. Call because there is an interesting event, the respondent had responded to your marketing messages etc.
  • Ensure that you had done a through research on the prospect you are going to call.
  • Avoid diving straight into a sales pitch, rather determine the interest, goal and background of the prospect first.
  • Be sure to follow up with the prospect once they had express their interests either with an appointment or an email.