Importance of discipline and consistency

By | October 18, 2015

discipline and consistencyIn every occupation, being discipline and consistency are two important traits but in the marketing industry these two traits will separate a successful marketer from those who are average especially in Singapore but why is that so?

In today’s environment, a successful marketer not only needs to be multi-skilled but he needs to ensure that he is meticulous and efficient in his daily work.

This is because a marketer is expected to take on multiple projects at any one time and complete these projects within an expected timeframe with minimal errors.

With such high expectations, it is little wonder that discipline and consistency are ever more essential.

Now, the all-important question here is how does one instil discipline onto himself and be consistent in his daily work? Well, there are several methods to do this.

Determine your priorities.

As the work starts piling up, one needs to prioritize those tasks which are repetitive in nature from those which require more brain juice. For those repetitive tasks, one can create templates or try to automate it.

For example, marketers need to frequently extract information from the database for analysis and before analysing, he needs to ensure that the database is clean and there is no duplication.

Regardless of how one chooses to clean the database, this still takes up a significant amount of time. However by using a few excel formulas (if you are using spreadsheet), one can significantly reduce the time required and also helps to eliminate potential errors.

Develop a workflow for projects.importance of discipline and consistency

When projects start rolling in, one needs to quicky get into the habit of developing a workflow for it. This is crucial because he will get lost easily when dealing with vast amounts of information. A workflow acts as a roadmap which will point out to him at which stage he is in and whether he had missed any particular details. Creating a workflow need not be a complicated process so long as it contains essential information such as timeline, tasks to be addressed, responsibilities etc.

Prepare in advance.

Advance preparation helps to reduce the uncertainties and errors associated with last minute requests. To illustrate this point, every marketer will know that he will be required to develop an annual marketing plan to be shared with the entire organization.

Knowing this, he can start collecting the information required to build his annual marketing plan throughout the year. This will ensure he need not rush around digging for information at the very last minute resulting in unnecessary stress and errors.


Working under tight deadlines with little room for errors will put the pressure on every marketer. Therefore being discipline and consistent is the only way to reduce the pressure. Know any other methods? Share them with us too.

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