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By | November 10, 2015

salary of marketing

For those aspiring to work in the marketing profession or you are currently employed as a marketer, have you ever wondered what is the salary in the Singapore marketing profession like?

As the marketing profession is a large one to begin with, the salary scale varies widely depending on factors such as industries, experiences, skill sets etc. To avoid any complication, I will not do a breakdown but rather I will provide a median figure for each position.

marketing salary

Based on the above chart, you can see that as you get promoted to a higher position, the increment that you are looking forward to is quite substantial. The question is how can you achieve that?

Methods to achieve a higher salary in the Singapore marketing profession

Well, there are several methods you can explore and the first thing you can do is beef up your knowledge and skill sets by reading up, undertaking part time courses etc.  The second way is to expand your network by joining local marketing associations, requesting for mentorship and getting in touch with your ex-colleagues, bosses, or friends. Finally, get people to notice you by sharing marketing assets you develop via social media platforms , extending your help to others in the marketing profession and relaying your current status online.


At the end of the day, whether you can achieve a higher salary in the Singapore marketing profession depends on your knowledge, skill sets and of course your negotiation skills. Do you agree with the above findings? Let us know your comment.

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